Administrative and
Financial Benefits

If You

  1. Spend too much time re-entering the same data over and over?
  2. Are delayed insurance reimbursement because they want more detail?
  3. Want to reduce your 120 day A/R to unbelievable levels?
  4. Minimize financial errors for practice and patient?
  5. Are tired of the communication gap between the front and back?
  6. Want to provide the best possible patient experience?
  7. See your practice running smoother and happier than ever?

MaxilloSoft can help!

Easy and impressive for
both staff and patients

MaxilloSoft includes online intake forms, save money by eliminating whatever you use now.

Automatic ‘form completion’ reminders increase compliance to +80%, meaning less paperwork at check-in.

We send appointment reminders via text (again automatically) and when the patient confirms, the appointment book gets updated.

The online bill pay module makes it convenient for patients to pay outstanding balances with a credit card.

Patients love the high tech, high touch experience that happens when you get rid of clipboards, paper forms and pens.

Spend less time typing,
more time helping patients

MAXILLOSOFT automatically and thoroughly populates charts with all relevant information.

Once in the system, data pre-populates all forms. Minimize typing the same info again and again

Hyper-accurate fee estimates are calculated the moment a treatment plan is submitted, then outputted as a beautiful, customized document for patient review and acceptance.

Follow up letters to referring dentists are automatically prepared, then sent with the push of a button.

Accurate fee collection and
faster insurance reimbursement

The insurance verification tool creates hyper-accurate fee estimates, reducing collections and AR.

Treatment plans are usually submitted within moments of the consult and a fee is available instantly, calculated based on patient’s own insurance.

Because MaxilloSoft treatment plans are so comprehensive, insurance companies rarely ask for more detail, and insurance payments are received much quicker.

Get visibility
where it matters

Specialized reports based on the advice of industry-leading practice management consultants maximize implant production and revenue.

A System for ANY Size Practice

From solo practices to large multi-location groups, MaxilloSoft is custom configured to your practice.

See more patients, in less time, while improving quality of care.

Inter and Intra-practice secure messaging makes it easy to communicate with team members no matter where in the practice they are (great for group practices).