MaxilloSoft gives next-level patient experience for oral surgery

We’re certain our oral surgery management software enhances the patient experience for those needing oral surgery. 

We make it easy to document your patient’s records with only a few clicks on a tablet. No more manually typing in notes while the patient gives answers. Simply tap preset customizable questions and answers.

Have a positive patient experience by properly taking care of them, easing their fears, providing a speedy procedure and recovery, and doing everything right the first time.

Here’s how MaxilloSoft does just that.

Take care of your patients

Remember, your first priority is to ensure your patient’s health and well-being. Document all medical records using electronic medical records software (EMR) to accurately gather information before their oral surgery. A reminder is sent if forms are not completed before the appointment.

Ease patient fears

Address the patient’s questions face-to-face with a tablet in hand. Make the encounter meaningful with eye contact face-to-face, not hunched over paper or on a computer. It means something to patients when you answer their questions quickly and directly.

Provide a speedy procedure and recovery

This is where MaxilloSoft’ oral surgery practice management software shines. Access the status of how long a patient has been waiting with our live room timer. Green means they’re ready to be seen.

Connect to multiple types of equipment to track anesthesia and vital signs. This information is saved as an electronic medical record (EMR) for later reference.

Post-surgery, paperwork is sent to the patient (after insurance deductions) requesting payment. Patients have the ability to pay via credit card.

Doing everything right the first time

In the medical field, there’s little margin for mistakes. MaxilloSoft ensures accuracy and efficiency with customizable questions and layouts. For questions that are usually answered among patients, have a pre-fill option that answers ALL questions for you.

Our software learns the way YOU answer your questions so there’s less of a chance for mistakes in the long-run.

To learn more about our software or to request a free demo, click here.

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