So, what does MaxilloSoft do… Exactly?

The problems of this world are only truly solved in two ways: by extinction or automation.

Susan Sontag, Philosopher

MaxilloSoft has so many unique, one-of-kind features and benefits, it’s hard to know where to start. In short, if a task in your practice is redundant, repeatable and/or can be automated, MaxilloSoft automates it.

Patient information for the intake form is collected and verified, and then our system formats it and forwards it to the appropriate team member’s tablet at right place and time.

A real-time practice dashboard makes sure the team is fully aware of each patient’s location, what they are waiting on, and how long it has been since last contact with a team member.

But that short description hardly covers the scope of the product.

To give you an idea of how comprehensive the features of MaxilloSoft are, here is a partial list:

  • Each team member carries a tablet (iPad®) as their primary information tool. No clipboards, keyboards or misplaced files. Patients love the high tech, high touch experience.
  • Important patient info is at the Surgeon’s fingertips before they enter the room, such as; name, if they’ve visited your practice before, reason for visit and the name of referring dentist. Helps patients feel special.
  • The tablet notifies the Surgeon as soon as the patient is ready for them. Less waiting.
  • The workflow ensures each team member follows best practices, documents each step taken and creates logs of when it was taken. Critical for malpractice defense.
  • The Surgical Assistants are notified when a patient is ready to be transferred to an operatory. Waiting room time reduced an average of 15- 20 minutes in some offices.
  • The appropriate team member is notified when a patient is ready for an X-Ray or CBCT scan.
  • Integrated online patient intake forms (health history, insurance, etc.)  can be completed in advance of an appointment. No need to re-enter data. (replaces PBHS truFORMS™).
  • Follow up letters to referring doctors are automatically prepared and sent via secure link.
  • MAXILLOSOFT automatically and thoroughly populates charts with all relevant information.
  • Fees estimates are calculated instantly and outputted as a beautiful, customized treatment plan for patient review and acceptance.
  • An integrated SMS-text message appointment reminder system updates the appointment book automatically when patient confirms. Reduces need for outbound confirmation calls.
  • Tablets allow the clinical team to face the patient while they review their records with them.
  • Anesthesia records are automatically affixed to the digital record.
  • Vital signs are captured directly from the monitor and automatically logged in the patient record.
  • Informed Consent forms are generated based on the treatment plan, are signed directly on the tablet, and automatically attached to the patient’s file.
  • Doctor-customizable shortcuts make treatment plans for common procedures a snap to prepare.
  • Shortcuts for commonly prescribed meds can be configured by doctor and printed neatly on professional prescription paper, ready for signature. (Electronic Rx available early 2020).
  • The insurance verification tool creates hyper-accurate fee estimates, reducing collections and AR.
  • Integrated online bill pay for patients with outstanding balances.
  • Because the system is so efficient, insurance claim submissions no longer wait on the doctor’s notes, so insurance payments are received much quicker.
  • Specialized reports based on the advice of industry-leading practice management consultants maximize implant production and revenue.
  • Doctor Task List keeps reminders of unfinished tasks at your fingertips.
  • Inter and Intra-practice secure messaging makes it easy to communicate with team members no matter where in the practice they are (great for group practices).
  • Value proven in both solo practices and large multi-location group practices.

The MaxilloSoft program has significantly improved the quality of patient care by improved administrative efficiency, smoother patient flow, greater patient satisfaction and improved quality of life for our staff and surgeons.

Dr. Glenn Nathan | CEO, Maryland Oral Surgery Associates

It’s hard to list everything this software can do for your office. Learn more about how Maxillosoft’s Oral Surgeon Practice Management Software enhances the patient experience or to request a demo, click here.

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