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MaxilloSoft is an efficiency technology made for Oral Surgeons and their teams.

Simplify documentation, reduce mistakes and save valuable time.
PLEASE NOTE: MAXILLOSOFT is an add-on product for users of CS WinOMS™. We are currently evaluating integrations with other practice software systems. If you would like to be notified of new integrations, please click here and submit the form. Thank you!

More than 'EMR', it's a toolbox for the entire team.

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Best In-Class EMR:

Our system remembers your personal preferences for the types of cases you do most often.

Why type the same things in over and over when you can use a system that learns and remembers what and how you like to perform your surgeries.

Treatment plans and case records are complete before you even leave the operatory!

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Have beautifully formatted, hyper-accurate fee estimates prepared instantly.

Our insurance verification module makes the repetitive task of insurance verification easy and most important – accurate!

Once insurance is verified, the estimate is automatically created and formatted based on the doctor’s treatment plan – no extra steps needed!

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See a real-time status of every patient; where they are, what they are waiting on, and how long they’ve been waiting for it.

The color-coded boxes contain key information staff needs to make sure patients are seen to in a timely, orderly fashion. In addition, simply select a box to bring up all patient information right on the tablet.

Know the patient’s name, referring dentist and complaint before you walk into the room, and make the best first impression!

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