“Never forget the value of time. It’s one thing we cannot buy, so use it wisely” – fortune cookie

As a key player in a successful OMS practice, you know the value of time. In fact, you might even be obsessed with it. Appointment books look like the departure schedule at O’Hare, assistants anticipate doctors with virtually psychic precision, and there’s a steady flow of consultants and experts hired to refine and improve processes even more. You and your team work hard, and your patients are well looked after, but at the end of the day… do you find yourself needing/wanting/wishing for more time?

MaxilloSoft is a tablet-computer based efficiency software designed by two busy oral surgeons who felt exactly that way. They had hit the ‘productivity wall’; every aspect of the practice had been reviewed and refined, yet simply couldn’t see any more patients without working longer hours or sacrificing quality of care. So, they stepped back and took a hard look at how the practice operates. Even with all of the efficiency refinements they’d invested in over the years, what they found was an immense amount of duplicated effort. It was literally everywhere. Patient data was being re-entered over and over, files and notes were misplaced, and staff communication was inconsistent. All of these were wasting their most precious asset; TIME. In an age where a click on a smartphone gets a sandwich delivered, why wasn’t there a technology to automate some of these tasks?

In this paper, we’ll detail how a truly unique technology – designed by Oral Surgeons for Oral Surgeons – is transforming both large and small practices. It accomplishes exactly what it promises users: More Time For More.


Maryland Oral Surgery Associates (MOSA) is an 8-location group practice managed by an oral surgeon-turned CEO – Dr. Glenn Nathan. Dr. Nathan is not only considered an expert in OMS practice management, but takes great pride in creating happy, productive workplaces. When he learned one of his doctors was frustrated with the extra hours they were spending keeping up with case documentation, he went looking for a solution. What he found was MaxilloSoft.

With the MaxilloSoft platform, I would estimate that I spend at least 90 minutes less on patient charting.

Dr. Mitchell Stark  |  MOSA

Originally installed as on a trial basis, the results, both in terms of both quality and quantity, were beyond anything he and his partner-doctors would have imagined. Once the staff had grown comfortable with the new technology, Dr. Nathan conducted a full analysis of the same three-month period from the previous year. The results are – in a word – unbelievable. Here’s what happened:

  • Documentation (the original concern) was now completed in real-time.
  • Surgeons reported a less hectic workday and had more time for patients.
  • Data entry dropped 80%, and the admin team adopted other tasks.
  • Patients spent 15-20 minutes less in the waiting room (on average)
  • The practice saw, on average, 60 more patients per month
  • Production over the prior year increased a staggering 29.5%

…communication between doctors, assistants and front office staff is instantaneous. It [tells me] where patients are located, how long they have been waiting to be seen, and what they are to be seen for – all improving patient flow.

Dr. Mary C. Robinson, Diplomate, American Board of OMS  |  MOSA

MOSA found that after implementing MaxilloSoft, that single practice had improved exponentially – not just for staff, but for everyone who steps foot inside the office, including patients!  It’s easy to agree that patients who spend less time waiting and more time interacting with surgeons and staff have a better experience. More, more, more. Everybody got more! Since the initial trial ended, MOSA has purchased and installed MaxilloSoft in all eight locations.


The problems of this world are only truly solved in two ways: by extinction or automation.” – Susan Sontag, Philosopher

MaxilloSoft has so many features and benefits, it’s hard to know where to start. In short, if a task is redundant, repeatable and/or can be automated, MaxilloSoft automates it. Patient information gets entered once, and then the system formats it and forwards it to the appropriate team member at right place and time. A real-time practice dashboard makes sure the team is fully aware of each patient’s location, what they are waiting on, and how long it has been since last contact with a team member. But that short description hardly covers the scope of the product.  To give you an idea of how comprehensive the features of MaxilloSoft are, here is just a short list:

1. Integrated online patient intake forms (health history, insurance, etc.)  can be completed in advance of an appointment. No paper, no need to re-enter data.

2. Any other relevant patient data is entered once, and then automatically populates all documentation through the patients cycle of care.

3. An integrated SMS-text message appointment reminder system is built in, and updated the appointment book automatically when patient confirms. This reduces the need for outbound confirmation calls.

4. The program quickly and thoroughly populates the charts with all relevant information.

5. The workflow ensures each team member follows best practices and documents each step taken and when it was taken. An all-important step in malpractice protection.

6. The appropriate team member is notified when a patient is ready for an X-Ray or CBCT scan.

7. The Surgical Assistants are notified when a patient is ready to be transferred to an assigned operatory and begin their R.O.S.

8. The Surgeon is immediately made aware when the patient is ready for either consultation or procedure

9. Anesthesia records are automatically affixed to the digital record.

10. Vital signs are captured directly from the monitor and automatically logged in the patient record.

11. Informed Consent forms are generated based on the treatment plan, are signed directly on the tablet, and automatically attached to the patient’s file.

12. Doctor-customizable shortcuts make treatment plans for common procedures a snap to prepare.

13. Fees estimates are prepared instantly and can be outputted with a beautifully formatted, customized treatment plan for patient review and acceptance.

14. Shortcuts for commonly prescribed meds can be configured by doctor and printed neatly on professional prescription paper with just a few keystrokes. (integrated electronic prescriptions available early 2020).

15. The insurance verification tool greatly reduces the time needed to create hyper-accurate fee estimates, reducing collections and AR.

16. Referral letters are automatically prepared and sent to referring doctors via secure link.

17. Specialized reports based on industry-leading practice management consultants to maximize implant production and revenue.

18. Doctor Task List keeps reminders of unfinished tasks at your fingertips

19. Inter and Intra-practice secure messaging makes it easy to communicate with the right person (great for group practices)

20. Full multi-location functionality

21. Fully secure, HIPAA compliant and redundant back-up systems included.

Other features and benefits, according to Dr. Nathan, are harder to quantify but no less important. For example, the assisting team is now more organized and spends less time explaining upcoming cases to the surgeons. And the administrative staff, often delayed in filing insurance claims due to having to wait on the doctor’s notes, now submits (and hence receives payment) much quicker. Read our follow-up post to this case study on how MaxilloSoft can enhance your oral surgery practice efficiency.

The MaxilloSoft program has significantly improved the quality of patient care by improved administrative efficiency, smoother patient flow, greater patient satisfaction and improved quality of life for our staff and surgeons.

– Dr. Glenn Nathan  |.  CEO, MOSA


Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘disruptor’? It gets used a lot when it comes to the latest Silicon Valley start-up, but in the OMS world… not so much. It’s used when a new technology makes such a HUGE difference it ‘disrupts’ the status quo. (Think Uber vs. Taxi cabs)

Does it makes sense to call MaxilloSoft a disruptor? Maybe. From patient experience, to practice growth and the entire team’s quality of life, it’s hard not to. The simple reality is, when was the last time your practice software really “WOW’ed” you?

100% of our users – that’s right, every single one – have told us that once they’ve used MAXILLOSOFT, they would never want to go back. MaxilloSoft really is THAT good. Read what other Oral Surgeons are saying about their experience with MaxilloSoft.

Don’t believe what you’re reading? Find out for yourself how MaxilloSoft is a game-changer in the Oral Surgery Practice Software industry.We encourage you to take the next step schedule a free online demo. We recognize every practice is different  – and this way you’ll be able to ask questions specific to yours.


PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THIS TIME, YOUR PRACTICE MUST USE CARESTREAM’S WINOMS (SERVER VERSION) IN ORDER TO IMPLEMENT MAXILLOSOFT. If you have any questions about functionality with your current practice’s software, please contact us.

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