Added benefits of Maxillosoft in your practice

Take control of your oral surgery practice by introducing MaxilloSoft to your administrators and clinicians. Here are some added benefits of our product.

Presets and prescriptions

Don’t miss a beat with automatic presets and electronic prescriptions. Once confirmed by the oral surgeon, sent documents to the printer ready for a signature.

Accuracy saves lives

Accuracy in the medical field is paramount. The input of incorrect information can lead to disastrous consequences. MaxilloSoft ensures that the answers you input are correct.

Fast insurance reimbursement

Our insurance verification tool creates hyper-accurate fee estimates and faster insurance reimbursements. Treatment plans are usually submitted within moments or the consult and a fee is available instantly.

A summary of the procedure

When you finish the form, you can assess all the completed questions by clicking the TREATMENT PLAN to see the treatment needs. The SUMMARY will include a brief description for both the patient and surgeon so both know exactly how the procedure should take place.

Automatic calculation

After all forms are complete, an automatic calculation with the total price of the surgery will appear. Fewer mistakes mean more accuracy.

Anesthesia records done right

Thoroughly documents anesthesia details, including timeline, and automatically affix to the patient chart. Tracking anesthesia has never been easier. Real-time vital signs are captured directly from your vitals monitor (connects to most models).

Proven efficiency in the oral surgery field

Maryland Oral Surgery Associates (MOSA) is an 8-location group practice who introduced MaxilloSoft to their practice. Here are just a few of the things that it did for them:

  • Documentation (the original concern) was now completed in real-time.
  • Surgeons reported a less hectic workday and had more time for patients.
  • Data entry dropped 80%, and the admin team adopted other tasks.
  • Patients spent 15-20 minutes less in the waiting room (on average)
  • The practice saw, on average, 60 more patients per month
  • Production over the prior year increased a staggering 29.5%

To learn more about our software or to request a free demo, click here.

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