At Maxillosoft, we understand the importance of providing medical records that are easy to read and easy to share.

What is EHR?

EHR stands for “electronic health record.” Doctors and medical facilities make these records to be shared with other medial entities. These records can be seen by authorized providers if uploaded to a database.

MaxilloSoft is software for oral medical facilities to collect and manage information about their patients at their business and practice. Our software is used by oral and maxillofacial surgeons, dental assistants, administrators, and receptionists.

Customize forms for your needs

Customize the questions you want to ask your patients. You can be as detailed or simplistic as you want.

If you’re seeing many patients in a day, them simple may be better for you. If you desire to have a close relationship with patients, then be detailed. It’s up to you.

As examples, include family history, previous medical history, previous surgical history, medications, allergies, social history, occupational history, and so on. All questions are customizable so you can be as complete or minimal as possible.

Documentation of your patients

Let your patients fill out their personal EMR by tapping answers on a tablet while they wait to be seen by your medical staff. Once documents are complete and the patient is seen, other medical staff will further complete the electronic medical records.

Information is shaved in our records in a secured cloud. No more losing or misplacing paper documents. All are saved for easy access later.

Shortcuts for efficiency and productivity

Add shortcuts to make completing forms quicker, easier and more efficient. Have an option that pre-populates and fills in all required fields with typical answers with one click. Shortcuts for commonly prescribed meds are sent to the included printer, ready for a signature.

Manage oral surgery information better and quicker with MaxilloSoft.

Reducing mistakes with automation

Reduce mistakes by our automation and shortcut features. With paper files, sometimes things are lost, omitted, or forgotten. Not with MaxilloSoft. All details about each patient’s oral surgery details are saved in one place — never to be lost and is a malpractice defense against neglect or carelessness.

MaxilloSoft learns you

As you complete multiple forms, MaxilloSoft remembers your preferences and the way YOU answer the questions and coordinates as needed. Our system ensures each oral surgery team member follows best practices as forms are completed.

To learn more about our software or to recommend a demo, click here.

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