How to Increase Oral Surgery Practice Efficiency

Every business, no matter the industry, constantly seeks methods in which to increase efficiency. Oral Surgery Practices are no different in this regard. The best Oral Surgery Practices find ways for operations and office management to work together as a cohesive unit.

According to Dentistry IQ, the average dollar per hour amount for dentists has been on the rise since 2012, yet still below the heights of 2010. Which begs the question, how do you increase efficiency in your oral surgery practice? We’ll take a look at 5 methods which we at MaxilloSoft firmly believe will increase your practice’s efficiency and productivity.

Improve Patient Communication

First impressions matter. Often the first interaction a perspective patient has with your office will be on the phone, and as the saying goes, you only get on chance at making a good first impression. Train your office administrators to answer and communicate in a professional manner, speaking clearly, and prepared to address any issue which may arise.

Your staff should be comfortable with helping a patient schedule an appointment, answer any questions about their upcoming maxillo-facial procedure, and provide top-notch customer service.

Reduce Late arrivals and no-shows

Obviously, you’ll never be able to fully eliminate no-shows and late arrivals, but there are ways to help reduce these all-too-common occurrences. Send appointment reminders to patients well-ahead of time. Utilize all methods of communication to send reminders; call patients, email them, and send a text. By automating appointment reminders your staff will be freed up to address other tasks around the office.

Streamline Patient set up and intake

Filling out forms by hand is arguably the most time consuming aspect when a patient comes to your practice. This translates to your staff then having to spend time inputting their information into the system. To increase your oral surgery practice’s efficiency, consider moving to a paperless system.

This is where MaxilloSoft shines. Our system streamlines patient intake from the moment they walk through the door. All relevant information is stored securely and easily accessible anywhere in the office via our customized tablets. If  you’re an Oral Surgery Practice Office Administrator, click here to learn more about how MaxilloSoft can increase the efficiency of patient set-up and intake.

Improve office communication

They key to any relationship is communication. Communication is all that more important in the workplace, especially when it comes to oral surgery practices. Communicating clearly between office staff and clinicians is essential to increase productivity and efficiency.

Again, MaxilloSoft’s Oral Surgeon Practice Management Software shines here. Our software provides real-time status of every patient; where they are, what service they’re waiting for; and how long they’ve been waiting. Our tablets show each operating room as color-coded and displays patient information with a tap of your finger.  Learn more about the MaxilloSoft Dashboard and how it can improve your practice’s communication.

Automate Billing

Take the potential for human-error out of the equation for billing by exploring an automated billing system. By automating billing, you’ll free up more time around the office; more time = more productivity = more earnings. Furthermore, many insurance companies nowadays don’t even use paper billing systems but it is all electronic.

Once again, MaxilloSoft comes into play here. Our dental insurance verification module automatically creates pricing estimates. Because MaxilloSoft treatment plans are so comprehensive, insurance payments are received much quicker. Additionally, our software allows for online bill payments, thus making it convenient for patients to pay outstanding balances with a credit card.

in summation

If you are wanting to increase efficiency in oral surgery practice, automation is your friend. By automating traditional tasks, reducing paper waste, and utilizing the best oral surgeon practice management software, you’ll increase efficiency, productivity, patient experience, and ultimate provide the best service to your patients possible.

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