lean management for oral surgery practice

Developing a “lean” oral surgery practice is not as easy as it may seem. However, by working to reduce waste and improve productivity can set a practice up for future success. So, how does an oral surgeon go about creating a lean oral surgery practice?

A Quick History of "Lean" Management

The concept of a lean business is a hot buzzword in today’s business circles. However, it has a long history, dating back to the 1950’s. Lean business management is a philosophy that has transformed industries since its introduction…and now, oral surgeons are trying to figure out how it can help their practices.

The practice of lean business dates back to Toyota Motor Corporation in the 1950’s. Here’s the gist of what Toyota started back then: companies should focus on ways to reduce waste and improve productivity. It’s a simple, yet serious, philosophy that can be difficult to implement. A business must discover places in which there is waste with resources (i.e. materials, time, money), and then figure out how to reduce that waste without compromising quality.

How can an Oral Surgery Practice Become Lean?

While an oral surgery practice is quite different from Toyota’s automobile manufacturing facility, oral surgeons can apply the same principals to their practice. Think of where time is wasted, or patient care is inefficient.

Here’s a initial checklist to identify where your oral surgery practice can potentially become more lean and efficient:

  • Poor Appointment Scheduling
  • Large Inventory of Products (some of which can expire)
  • Expensive Office Equipment that may be unnecessary
  • Interrupting a Procedure to get more Materials

All of these items in this list are examples of wasteful resources. Without a doubt, these inefficiencies affect productivity, patient experience, and ultimately profitability.

Utilizing an Oral Surgery Practice Management Software

If you’re interested in creating a leaner oral surgery practice, look no further than implementing an oral surgery practice management software, like MaxilloSoft.

MaxilloSoft was specifically designed with improving the day-to-day operations of an oral surgery practice. It was created by two practicing oral surgeons, tested among a wide range of practices and surgeons, and is now readily available to OMS community.

How MaxillSoft Fosters Lean Management

MaxilloSoft helps create a lean business by helping your practice with the following:

  • Eliminate Paper Waste by being a tablet computer-based system
  • Automatic insurance verification and billing
  • Artificial Intelligence integration recognizes most common diagnoses and treatments specific to your practice
  • Improved patient experience and education, leading to enhanced informed consent and reducing potential for malpractice lawsuits.
  • Comprehensive EMR capability
  • Anesthesia records done correctly
  • E-Prescriptions

There is nothing like MaxilloSoft on the market when it comes to oral surgery practice management software. Don’t just take our word for it, see what practicing oral surgeons have to say about MaxilloSoft and how it has helped them.

Free Demo of MaxilloSoft

Curious as to how MaxilloSoft can transform your oral surgery practice from one that has too much waste into a lean oral surgery practice? Contact us today to schedule your free MaxilloSoft demo.

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