For years dentists and oral surgeons have amassed millions of patient documentation papers. Unless they were fortunate to have an office staff full of Type A personalities, organizing and keeping track of all these pieces of paper, it was inevitable that the “paperwork wall” would happen.

Advances in technology and OMS software helps prevent this potential pitfall. But don’t take our word for it, let’s hear from someone who has experienced, and ultimately conquered, The Paperwork Wall.

A Real Life Example: Drs. Michael Schwartz and Julius Hyatt

Dr. Michael Schwartz and Dr. Julius Hyatt are practicing oral surgeons at the Maryland Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants. They run a multi-location practice, which employs four (4) oral surgeons.

Their oral surgery practice growth experience is a common one: After years of steady growth, they had hit a “paperwork wall.”

We couldn’t see more patients, simply because we couldn’t keep up with the treatment planning and case documentation. – Dr. Michael Schwartz

They had tried to keep with paper documentation in virtually every manner possible. They tried scribes, dictation, and various EMR systems (such as  the EMR software Carestream sells for WinOMS software)…and NOTHING solved their problem.

The Solution: MaxilloSoft Oral Surgery Practice Management Software

Roughly three years ago, Drs. Schwartz and Hyatta hired a full-time software developer for their practice. This allowed them to design their own solution, exactly how they wanted it.

Features were added week-after-week, finding methods to increase their practice’s efficiency. By automating certain documentation and treatment plans, they were able to improve the patient experience and benefit their administrative team. As an additional benefit, their financial efficiency improved as well!

MaxilloSoft is Born

The end result of their efforts lead to the creation of MaxilloSoft; a comprehensive, tablet computer-based system that has literally transformed their practice.

(It) is totally unlike anything else available. Our lives are easier with less stress…and our revenue is up considerably – Dr. Schwartz

Encouraged by their success, they decided to share the system with fellow oral surgeons. These “beta testing” oral surgery practices ranged in size from small (one surgeon, one practice) to a large group practice with eight location and twelve doctors.

At the end of their trial period, EVERY practice asked if they could keep the system permanently. As a group, they saw an increase in practice productivity, patient and treatment documentation had never been better, and they were all able to go home earlier each day.

MaxilloSoft is Now Available for Your Oral Surgery Practice

MaxilloSoft is now available to the entire Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) community. Don’t let the paperwork wall prevent your oral surgery practice from reaching its full potential.

To learn more about MaxillSoft, see our Clinicians and Administrators pages for how our OMS software streamlines practice efficiency.

Schedule a free demo of our oral surgery practice management software today to see how MaxilloSoft can increase your practice’s efficiency, productivity, documentation and revenue.

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