How to choose the right oral surgeon — 9 things to check

Choosing the right oral surgeon is important for many reasons: performance, cost, and pain, to name a few. You want to ensure they are properly trained and have a good reputation so the job is done right the FIRST time.

Here are a few key things to check as you shop around for the oral surgeon that’s right for you.

1. Are they recommended well by dentists

Ask your current dentist how they think of the oral surgeon. This will be a big indication of their reputation.

2. Are they recommended well by their patients

If you know someone who has been to this oral surgeon, ask them about their experience. Take this one lightly, however, because not everyone’s experience will be the same.

3. do they have good reviews

Look at Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo!, and other review services for a clearer idea of their process and service.

google reviews oral surgery

4. What conveniences does the office offer

  • Is there free and nearby parking?
  • Are they open for emergencies? Will a surgeon be on-call?
  • Do they offer any other perks or accommodations?

5. are they covered by insurance

Check with your insurance provider if they cover that surgeon. It would be a terrible thing to receive a bill for a high cost after the procedure because they are not covered by insurance.

6. are they part of a professional organization or network

Do they attend conferences, networking events, and other professional developing opportunities? A good surgeon will continue to hone their practice through others and events.

networking oral surgery

7. where did they receive their education

Knowing where they received their education may show you how well they studied. Take this one, however, lightly as well because if they graduated a while ago, they may have a wealth of experience that surpasses education.

8. where will the surgery take place

Will it take place at the practice or somewhere else? Ask to see the facility before having the procedure done. You’ll know where to go and what the area will look like.

9. Ask to see samples

Seeing examples of their work will bring peace of mind as you prepare for your surgery.

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