More than “EMR,” it’s a toolbox for the entire team

EMR and EHR are required to run an effective practice, and MaxillowSoft does that and much more.

Keep track of all patients’ documents and manage their profile and visit with a few simple taps on a screen. Be quicker and more efficient.

MaxilloSoft is great for both clinicians and administrators.

MaxilloSoft for clinicians

Take a look for yourself at how the software can help clinicians:

beyond EMR and EHR

More than most, clinicians need time and accuracy when managing patient records. This management software does the heavy lifting so you can keep doing what you do best — seeing patients and taking care of their needs.

Presets and one-tap-answers are created by you so you can easily monitor the selection and care for customers. Accuracy is your (and our) priority.

Anesthesia management

Select the amount of anesthesia that needs to be given to the patient. The information is affixed to their documents and charts for accuracy.

Keep track of vital signs in real-time as they are captured directly to the vitals monitor.

Print Prescriptions

Gone are the days of prescriptions that are either incorrect or too messy to read. With a few taps, easily send the prescription request to the printer ready for a penned signature.

(E-prescriptions are coming soon.)

Viewing Images

Images stored on WinOMS® are automatically uploaded to the software. Easily tap to view an image and draw on desired areas of the picture. You and the patient can see the same thing in real-time without the need for x-ray images.

monitor Tasklist

When a patient walks in, the process begins to have them seen by a clinician.

“Who greeted them?”

“How long have they been waiting?”

“What information does the clinician need to know about the patient?”

These questions are all answered within seconds by viewing the task list.

In addition, incomplete tasks are automatically added to the surgeon’s list of daily to-dos.

Consent forms for patient

Generate forms and let the patient sign either electronically or in print. All information is kept confidential in your practice.

MaxilloSoft for administrators

Save time and eliminate mistakes by letting all employees us the software:

Less paperwork

Patients arrive with paperwork already complete in the system. The front and back of the practice communicate seamlessly. Spend less time coordinating paperwork and more time caring.

A report can be generated with just a few taps, thus reducing the amount of paperwork needing to be complete. Include notes on patients who need extra attention or care.

Minimize waste and clutter with MaxilloSoft.

Faster insurance

Insurance fee estimates are quick and accurate. There is less guesswork for you and the patient.

Treatments are submitted within moments and a fee is available within minutes. 

Specialized reports

When the patient leaves your practice, MaxilloSoft automatically writes the follow-up letter for their referring dentist. 

To request your demo of MaxilloSoft today, please click here.

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